Thursday of week 27 in Ordinary Time

Galatians 3:1-5; Luke 1:69-75; Luke 11:5-13

If you will, substitute the blunt word 'stupid' for the Lectionary's 'mad' and 'foolish'. Then you may experience Pauls anger more accurately - are you stupid enough to believe that the visible outward signs of practice of a faith are more important than the message itself?

We have seen already over the past few days in the letter to the Galatians how Paul reminds the flock he is Pastor and Evangelist to, that the Good News of Christ, and Him Crucified and risen, is what should fill their hearts. Ritual, formality and practice are important in so far as they enable everyone to grow together - they produce a sense if identity and belonging. But what if they prevent others from approaching the tables of Jesus - the Altar and the Ambo - if so then the balance is wrong.

This is not simply a case of Paul berating the Galatians for their weakness. Note how he gives praise that there are many signs of the work of the Holy Spirit in the community. A vibrant happy and growing community - but like most human communities as it grows it can all to easily develop its own arcane rules that mask or block the work of sharing in the Good News.


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