Wednesday of Week 22 Per Annum (31st August)

I Corinthians 3.1-9; Ps 32; Luke 4.38-44

In one of the earliest Christian hymns extant Clement of Alexandria (c150-c215) prays the “Guide to every child of thine” to “give meat or milk as fits my understanding.” St Paul also makes this contrast, as does the anonymous author of the Epistle to the Hebrews [5.12] and
St Peter. [I Peter 2.2]

Christian maturity entails growth in understanding; as Paul points out, the childishness sometimes manifested in Christian communities is evidence that we aren’t yet grown up. The metaphor of growth used so often in the New Testament [cf Mark 4.26-32] suggests that we won’t always appear the same throughout the course of our Christian lives. But if we aren’t to stultify at an immature level we must devote ourselves to continual study and prayer. [Acts 2.42] There are things we can’t understand today that one day will become clearer [cf John 16.13], things that we will only truly see when our eyes have been opened. [I Corinthians 2.9]

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