Tuesday in Week 16 Per Annum

Micah 7.14-15,18-20; Psalm 84; Matthew 12.46-50

Once more have pity on us” the prophet cries on our behalf. We have been linked to all men and women in condemnation: we are no better than anyone else. But then the prophet reminds God himself that he delights in showing mercy.

Sin in all its forms and guises is at once the cause of our separation from God and at the same time the sign, the constant reminder, of the chasm between us. Yet sin acknowledged and confessed becomes the royal road by which God rides into our hearts. We recognise the futility of our efforts to save ourselves and the depth of our estrangement from the place God has intended for us, and in that honest acceptance of our need we find ourselves brought home to live as God’s beloved sons and daughters.

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