Saint Oliver Plunket, Bishop, Martyr

Friday of week 13 in Ordinary Time; Amos 8:4-6,9-12; Psalm 118(119):2,10,20,30,40,131; Matthew 9:9-13

Saint Oliver Plunket On the Catholic Dictionary.

Saint Oliver Plunket has a particular story, about negotiating with rebels, and the authorities, and enabling a truce in which both camps faces were saved, the rebels granted safe exit to another place and peace restored. All this at a time when because of his allegiance ti Rome, he himself was a target for the courts. He was indeed eventually arrested on made up charges know as the Popish Plot, transported to London, found guilty and put to death.

Jesus led the way on this - dining with the hated tax collectors - but showing that God's salvation was available for all. It has been said that Jesus's band of apostles make the most unlikely group to work together  - tax collectors working for the Roman invading army, eating and praying together with characters like Judas Iscariot - Iscaros is a dagger, so Judas was a 'dagger man' - an assassin for hire perhaps. Academic, other worldly men with their heads in books all day (John) and tough, working men earning a dangerous living fishing.

Both Oliver Plunket, and Our Lord Jesus, have shown us how to work with others, even when that seems impossible. Today let us pray for St Oliver Punket's guidance when we have to work with difficult or trying people.


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