Thursday of week 11

How to pray

Ecclesiasticus 48:1-15; Psalm 96(97):1-7; Matthew 6:7-15

As Matthew structured his recording of Jesus' preaching, the collection being called 'The Sermon on the Mount', right in the middle, the most important place, we find Jesus teaching us how to pray. The Our Father is more of a how to pray lesson, than a what to pray lesson - but as a handy prayer to say it is beyond comparison. It is one of the prayers that all Christians, and most people in our country, will be able to say from memory, so it has strong powers of unification.

Here is one of many ways too use the Our Father - to guide is towards understanding how the prayer teaches how to pray.

Or you might simply want to listen to the Our Father prayed for you.

Or a one hour study...

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