Peter’s Fishes

Hallo fellow parishioners,

As we approach Holy Week I find myself recalling the wonderful Easters that I have spent in Zambia. The Palm Sunday processions through town. Joining with other Christian Communities people walk together, then peal off at each church, with a friendly wave of the palms picked from local trees. The beauty of the solemn Tridium services, culminating in the lovely outdoor Easter Vigil mass with its joyous singing, dancing and clapping. After which the parishioners carry the candles to take Christ's light back to their homes.

The COVID pandemic has made all our lives difficult, but it has clearly had most impact on the poorest and most vulnerable. We have seen this in the UK. In places like Zambia, where so many are literally wondering where their next meal will come from, life has been very tough. Unlike us they have not had an excess of vaccines and the population is very vulnerable.

The parishioners at Our Lady of the Wayside have worked very hard by creating income generating projects to try to keep going and look after those extremely vulnerable – see the field of Soya which they will harvest in a month or so - but they need our help. They have specifically asked if we could help them by funding a large fish pond and stock it with Tilapia (“St. Peter's fish”).

I am sorry I am not around at church at the moment – maybe I can return after Easter. I would be grateful if you would spread the word and give a final push to help our friends in Monze this Lent.

There are Parish Projects envelopes in church and I am happy to deliver to anyone wanting one. Donations should be placed in the envelopes and posted through the presbytery letterbox.

Thank You,

Chris Barrell 01242 513992

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