Tuesday of week 6 in Ordinary Time

James 1:12-18; Psalm 93(94):12-15,18-19; Mark 8:14-21

Mark again rebukes his disciples for their lack of understanding, and this is once again, on the Sea of Galilee. This repetition shows us that the point is important.

Why must we consider these mis-understandings, or even refusals to understand? The difficulty to understand, once worked through, does lead to a fuller appreciation of what we learn. Some suffering, and some effort to persevere are essential. Not - ever - an unbearable suffering is asked of us. But we must wrestle with our belief - or unbelief. More of which in a day or two... Jesus did not come to bring us instant understanding and comfort. He came to show us our individual path to salvation.

We must remember, when we are struggling with our unbelief, that Our Lord is always going to be there to support us. Todays Psalm is most encouraging in that respect:

The Lord will not abandon his people
  nor forsake those who are his own;
for judgement shall again be just
  and all true hearts shall uphold it.


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