St Timothy & St Titus (26th January): II Timothy 1.1-8; Psalm 95; Mark 4.1-20

These two companions and co-workers of Paul are commemorated on this day following Paul’s own feast. Two letters of Paul in the New Testament are addressed to Timothy and one to Titus. Timothy, who is believed to have died in 97, accompanied Paul on many of his journeys [Acts 16.1-3] and his name appears as co-author of a number of Paul’s epistles:
II Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians and Philemon. Eventually he was appointed Bishop of Ephesus. According to tradition, he was beaten to death by a mob when he opposed the worship of Dionysus.

St Titus, who is believed to have died around the year 96, is traditionally considered the first Bishop of Crete. [Titus 1.5]

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