Urgent need for help for Asylum Seekers

There is an urgent need to set up a means of organizing donations of clothing and personal items for asylum seekers.
Adele Owen of Garas has asked if there is anyone within our community who is available and willing to take on this responsibility in a volunteer role for the next 3 months.
Before an appeal is made for clothing there is the need to:
  • Set up a means of receiving, sorting, and storing items received.
  • Have people who can sort the clothing
This will involve having a large enough space and enough people to do the sorting of the clothes.
Although specific items and sizes will be specified, experience shows that whenever an appeal for clothes is made there are a lot of donations that are not suitable for various reasons. Sorting is therefore likely to be a sizable task.
Offers for the following are therefore welcome:
  • Volunteer, to organize the operation.
  • Suggestions for or the offer of a suitable space that is available for the next 3 months.
  • Volunteers to help with the operation.
If you would like to help can you please contact Bill Flynn at:
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