3 January

3 January 1 John 2:29-3:6; Psalm 97(98):1,3-6; John 1:29-34

As we continue through the Christmas Season, let us continue to focus on the First Letter of St John which is given in almost its entirety in this time. Every word in scripture is important - today, the one word that shouts out is 'children'. John reminds us in a striking manner that we are God's children reinforced by "for that is what we are".

This relationship, between child and Father, is very strong. The bond, in the trinity, between Jesus and Father is so strong that whenever the son is honoured, so to is the Father, whoever knows the Son, Knows the Father who sent him (Luke 10:22 and John 14:9 for examples).

We are human and therefore not yet perfected - as we sin. We are reminded that Jesus appeared in order to abolish sin, and that our 'adoption' as God's heirs will complete this process for us all (Romans 8:23). Only then will we truly know the Father, in the way that Jesus does, yet by pondering on the relationship between the two, we may come closer to understanding what that might mean for us.


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