Confirmation 2024

Arrangements for Confirmation Mass 2024

Rehearsal: Wednesday 1st May at 6.30 pm

The rehearsal will start promptly at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 1st May in St Gregory’s Church and it is essential that every candidate attends, with their sponsor if at all possible. There are over 40 candidates being Confirmed and we need every candidate to be clear about what they are doing on the day, to ensure the smooth running of the liturgy.

(Sponsors needing to travel would not be expected to attend the rehearsal. Instead, candidates will need to brief them on their role).

Confirmation Mass: Saturday May 4th at 11:00 am

The Confirmation Mass itself commences at 11.00 am on Saturday 4th May in St Gregory’s Church and is typically over an hour long, and is followed by the opportunity to take photos, concluding at around 1.00 pm

Dress Code

Each candidate to please dress in Church appropriate smart clothes, no jeans or trainers. Please be aware there may be a need to kneel at the altar.


Cheltenham Walk car park, GL50 3PR is situated off the large roundabout in St James Square, about 200 metres from St Gregory’s Catholic Church. This is a pay and display car park. Please be aware that on-road parking near the Church is very limited, and the double yellow lines are patrolled in this area.


You are kindly asked to refrain from taking photographs in Church during the Confirmation Mass itself. There will be an official photographer, who will take an individual photograph of each candidate during the service as they are anointed. When the Mass is over, the photographer may take a group photo of the candidates and will be happy to take those of family groups if required.


Seating will be reserved with part of a pew for each of the candidates including their sponsor and immediate family. Further seating may be available to the back of the church. Do let us know before the rehearsal of the need for any spaces requires for a wheelchair.

Please allow plenty of time to find your seat before the Mass begins and follow the instructions of the ushers. Some parishioners, teachers and friends may also attend this Mass in support of the young people. For anyone unable to attend, please note that the service can be watched as a live stream on the St. Gregory the Great Church website.

Message from Fr David Mills:

This year each of our candidates made a solemn declaration expressing their wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church. During the year they promised to take part fully in the course and try their best to be a witness of Christ by word and deed and by attendance at Mass.

Our formation course, which started in November 2023, has been greeted with considerable commitment by the candidates. They have hopefully been rewarded with both a deeper understanding of their faith and the wonderful Sacrament of Confirmation that they will receive this Saturday.

This special day will be a wonderful occasion and celebration, not only for these young people and their families, but also for the whole Pastoral Area. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Catechists who have worked hard over the year to prepare your young people for this Sacrament and to help them in their journey of faith. It has been a privilege and a joy to see how they have responded to the formation they have received throughout the year, and they are a credit to you, their parents.

Joining Confirmation Programm 2024

To help you prepare for your Confirmation, you will be provided with a preparation course at St Gregory’s Cheltenham. The course leaders will go through the Confirmation celebration with you to help you understand its meaning and implications for your life. In this application, you are invited to express your willingness to participate fully in this preparation course in our parish. The course is open to all young people at or above year 9 and still in school. If you are older, and wish to be confirmed in the church, you may find that the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults would suit you - please contact the Parish Office for details, or speak with any member of the clergy.

You will decide if you wish to go ahead and be confirmed towards the end of the preparation course: it is a decision that you take for yourself as a maturing Christian.

You will find a form below which leads you to an on line application form. If there are any difficulties for you accessing and completing this form please contact the Parish office which can send you a paper version which you would then return to the office. This form needs to be completed by November 12th 2023 but the sooner you fill it in the easier it is for the team to be organised to welcome you to the start of the course!

I look forward to your Confirmation, to welcoming you into the fullness of faith within the Church and I pray that God will bless you and your family.

Fr David Mills

Parish Priest

Confirmation Calendar

Sun 02 Feb

09:30 - Confirmation - Parish Mass followed by Session 1

Sun 09 Feb

09:30 - Confirmation - Parish Mass followed by Session 2


With the program for this year now being well under way, if you do wish to join the program please contact Deacon John to discuss your needs.