Confirmation 2024

Joining Confirmation Programm 2024

To help you prepare for your Confirmation, you will be provided with a preparation course at St Gregory’s Cheltenham. The course leaders will go through the Confirmation celebration with you to help you understand its meaning and implications for your life. In this application, you are invited to express your willingness to participate fully in this preparation course in our parish. The course is open to all young people at or above year 9 and still in school. If you are older, and wish to be confirmed in the church, you may find that the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults would suit you - please contact the Parish Office for details, or speak with any member of the clergy.

You will decide if you wish to go ahead and be confirmed towards the end of the preparation course: it is a decision that you take for yourself as a maturing Christian.

You will find a form below which leads you to an on line application form. If there are any difficulties for you accessing and completing this form please contact the Parish office which can send you a paper version which you would then return to the office. This form needs to be completed by November 12th 2023 but the sooner you fill it in the easier it is for the team to be organised to welcome you to the start of the course!

I look forward to your Confirmation, to welcoming you into the fullness of faith within the Church and I pray that God will bless you and your family.

Fr David Mills

Parish Priest

Confirmation Calendar

Sun 14 Jan

09:30 - Confirmation Session

Sun 21 Jan

09:30 - Confirmation Session

Sun 04 Feb

09:30 - Confirmation Session

Sun 25 Feb

09:30 - Confirmation Session

Sun 03 Mar

09:20 - Confirmation Session

Sun 17 Mar

09:20 - Confirmation Session

Sun 28 Apr

10:30 - Confirmation Away Day
Location to be confirmed

Wed 01 May

18:30 - Confirmation Rehearsal

Sat 04 May

11:00 - Celebration of Confirmation

Registration Form

    To register your interest in Being confirmed in the Catholic Church in the Cheltenham Deanery, please provide the following information.
    This will be digitally stored by the Parish and used in support of your confirmation.

    Please note - this form is meant to be completed by the person wishing to be confirmed.

    We also need information about your Family and your History:

    If you selected 'Other' above, please type the full address of the Parish where you were baptised. We will need you to produce a copy of your baptismal certificate.

    Please provide contact details for someone who we could contact should there be an urgent need, during one of the confirmation sessions.
    If we find it difficult to contact you, we may contact this person: e.g. if you do not arrive for a meeting and we were expecting you. They will also be your 'next of kin' details that we have at the meetings to contact in the event of any kind of emergency.

    We will also send them dates and other information about the practicalities of the program (the same emails as we will send to you to let you know dates of meetings etc).

    GDPR Acceptance (required) Information provided on this form, together with all other personal data held about these individuals by the Parish and the Clifton Diocese, is processed in accordance with the Diocese's Privacy Notice; which is available at or from the Parish Office.