Saints Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs

2 Corinthians 6:4-10; Psalm 123(124):2-5,7-8; John 17:11-19

This section of John's Gospel is known as 'The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus'. This prayer reminds us that God has given us his Word - the Word being the Son of God (Jesus). The word sanctifies us - we are therefore saved. But more - through this Word we sanctify others.

Saints Marcellinus and Peter

Pope St Damasus I dedicated his life to establishing and strengthening the Church after the great persecutions, and took much care over the restoration of the Roman catacombs and the proper burial of the martyrs there, including Marcellinus and Peter.
  As a boy, Damasus had heard the story of these martyrs from their executioner. Marcellinus was a priest, Peter was not. They were beheaded during the emperor Diocletian’s persecution, and buried on the Via Labicana outside Rome.
  After the persecutions, a basilica was built over the site of their tomb.
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