Saturday 22nd January 2022

Saint Vincent, Deacon, Martyr

St Vincent was born in Huesca and became a deacon of the church of Saragossa (Zaragoza). He was tortured to death in Valencia, in the persecution of Diocletian. After his death, his cult spread rapidly through the Roman Empire.

2 Samuel 1:1-4,11-12,17,19,23-27; Psalm 79(80):2-3,5-7; Mark 3:20-21

A very short Gospel reading today, but no Word of God ever falls to the ground that does not bear fruit...

Well - what would you feel if your Son was out stirring up a crowd, when you lived under an often brutal regime that might see this as a threat to their authority, and so seek to suppress him? You might be justified in being very afraid for him, or else, as written here, worried for his mental health. Note that Jesus us at home - where everyone would know him best as the son of a Carpenter, not as a Rabii or leader of a people.

Listen out for the next two days of readings: you will see a sandwich. Today, Jesus is (at best) not understood by his household and village. Tomorrow, Jesus is rejected by the scribes, and then Jesus says that he is closer to those who listen to him than he is to his household. This kind of sandwich, or 'inclusion' is a style meant to emphasise the meaning - that Jesus is not recognised in this world, other than by those who have heard and listened to him (that is, Christians like us). This emphasises the need for us to be visible and heard, so that others too may come to know Him.

In a day or two further we shall hear the palpable of the sower - let no seed fall to the ground that is not fruitful.

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