How to install our church app.

Our Church app has been built by Andy Moyle (who also developed much of the 'back end' of our website) and customised by John Andrews. It provides quick and easy access to live streams, the newsletter, daily mass readings and other information. If you (optional) register yourself on the app, it will also allow you to receive direct messages from the Parish, for example in the event that bad weather causes the cancelation of a Mass or other services. The App is available on most mobile phones and tablets. Choose from the following depending on your device:

After Installing the App

After installing the app, you then need to choose our Parish (The app works for many other Parishes around the world). Go to the app which will ask you for a church - type in St Gregory Cheltenham and the long list will reduce to just a few - then you can choose us. You may also wish to register an account (this is optional) and that allows messages to ping the app for you. We do not intend to ping many messages - just when things have to change at short notice.

Any issues with the app please contact John Andrews