First Holy Communion 2024 Application Form

    Please complete the form as fully as you can. If possible have a scanned copy of your child's baptism certificate to upload with your registration. If this is difficult at the moment, please register anyway, and send your certificate later. Please note that if your child was Baptised in St Gregory the Great or in St Thomas More then we do not need to see your baptism certificate.

    If you are registering more than one child, please complete the form separately for each child.

    Some families need us to contact two email addresses. All emails will be sent to both. Do not fill in the second email address if you do not need to do so.

    Phone numbers are needed so that we can contact you should your child become ill etc. during a session. Please give two numbers; one you should be reachable on on a Saturday morning, and a backup number in case that does not work.