First Holy Communion Clothing Library

The items shown in the gallery above have all been donated by Parishioners over the years, and are available to borrow for your child's first holy communion celebration.

Please click on an item of interest above to see a larger view. If you are interested in borrowing the item, please Send Email including the item description and the photo ID number (which starts with a 'P').

These are all kept at Church and it is possible to arrange to view them e.g. after 09:30 Mass on Sunday. While COVID restrictions are in force then this will be done in a COVID secure way (face masks, gloves etc.) and it will NOT be possible to try on the clothes although measurements may be taken.

Items borrowed must be washed or dry-cleaned and returned wrapped, within 2 weeks of your child's first holy communion. Should two people wish to borrow the same item, but have different first holy communion dates, then arrangements for cleaning and transferring between parents will need to be made.