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Music for 9th January

Not possible to have a rehearsal on the 8th, sorry - please practice the following in advance and be ready to rehearse in Church at 09:00:

Thank you!

Baptism of the Lord January 9th 2021

Item Title ref Note
Entrance God has chosen me 858
Gloria Anderson Gloria, Sung Mass Sheets
Psalm The Lord will Bless His People with Peace Sheet
Alleluia Verse.. Someone is coming, said John,

someone greater than I.

He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit

Offertory Oh let all who thirst, let them come to the water 408 Intro as in book
Acclamation When we eat this bread..
Communion Oh Living Water, refresh my Soul 931 Strings solo intro
Be still and know that I am God 909 Strings solo intro
Exit God’s Spirit is in my heart 864 Intro ‘this is what I have to do...