Friday of week 24

1 Timothy 6:2-12; Psalm 48(49):6-10,17-20; Luke 8:1-3

The ancient world was not a comfortable place for women - who were in many places seen as possessions, and as important only in the domestic scenario.

Luke however shows women very differently. Many are key to Christ's ministry, and not just by providing food, comfort, shelter and money. They are also given hugely significant roles. Mary from Magdala, for example, is the first human to see the risen Christ, and becomes the apostle to the apostles, taking the good new to them. Mary the mother of Jesus is central to the good news - without her 'fiat' to the angels message then none of us would have a Christ to Love and to try to get to know. In Luke's gospel we see women engaging with God intellectually - not just as people who do good things, but people who reason and seek to understand why - "Mary pondered these things in her heart".

The new Christian life as expressed in Pauls' letters sees women taking on roles equal to men - so Christians are meant to be an expression in the world of the completeness of creation - in his own likeness he made them, male and female he created them. Recognising that our history has not yet brought us to a place where we can say we are all given equal opportunities, we do however have good examples of Women in influential roles in our own diocese. We must pray for this to continue to grow, as otherwise the church is not complete.


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