Tuesday of Week 12 in Ordinary time

Genesis 13:2,5-18; Psalm 14(15):2-5; Matthew 7:6,12-14

Abram, finds himself somewhat inconveniently in the same patch of land as his nephew Lot - and arguments are breaking out about space to herd the sheep and goats. Abram generously gives Lot a choice - to go left or right - and Lot chooses the obviously more fertile land of the Jordan Valley. Abram left with the less attractive land of Canaan is once again given a promise of uncountable descendants - which does rather seem to be coming true! In the end Lot has made the wrong choice - the people already in the Jordan are not happy to see him, and are already living a life is dissipation (Sodom and Gomorrah later being destroyed by God).

Once again, as in yesterday's story, Abram is used in the bible to show us that we need to listen to God's calling, and to follow him - even if it might seem more difficult to begin with.

Today is also a memorial of St Cyril. Cyril was an ardent seeker of truth and destroyed this who stood in its way - but after turmoil sought ways to make peace. Let us pray that his way of peacemaking may prevail in present day Ukraine and Russia.


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