Monday of week 12 in Ordinary Time

Genesis 12:1-9; Psalm 32(33):12-13,18-20,22; Matthew 7:1-5

In these early passages from Genesis, Abram has not yet had his name changed to Abraham, Sarai is not yet Sarah. The name change is a symbol of being chosen by God, for example at our confirmation we have a new name, as at that sacrament we are chosen by God.

Abram is here called by God, and with no quibble or quaver, he responds. Packing up everything and setting out on a long journey to another land is not typical behaviour for a 75 year old now, and must have been more of a challenge then. Because of his immediate, total response Abraham has become the example par excellence for most people of faith on this planet, as the way the to respond in faith to God’s call.

We all have our individual call to respond to - parent, priest, nun, deacon, - the vocations are as manly as there are people.

Can we choose to respond with our yes today?

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