Saints Paul Miki and his Companions, Martyrs

Genesis 1:1-19; Psalm 103(104):1-2,5-6,10,12,24,35; Mark 6:53-56

The very beginning of the Bible, provides us with one of two very different treatments of the creation. That they differ should not surprise us - no one was there to witness the events, and even if there were, they would have disagreed with each other! No - the treatments reveal a different purpose in the author's thinking, inspired by God. The more familiar first one we have today shows creation in 6 days, and on the 7th, Shabat day, God rested. Hence, so should we.

Do We? Cycling home after Mass yesterday I was struck by the queues of cars heading into town for shopping and other purposes - Sunday feels busier than Monday morning rush hour!

St. Paul Miki and his 25 companions were stabbed to death with lances on Feb. 5, 1597, at the site that became known as “Martyrs' Hill.” Pope Pius IX canonized the Martyrs of Nagasaki in 1862.

“The only reason for my being killed is that I have taught the doctrine of Christ,” he announced. “I thank God it is for this reason that I die. I believe that I am telling the truth before I die.”

“After Christ's example, I forgive my persecutors. I do not hate them. I ask God to have pity on all, and I hope my blood will fall on my fellow men as a fruitful rain.”

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