The Preparation Course

19 January - Information Session

This has happened - most of the registered candidates attended, well done!  After Fr David's welcome, we discussed the program, how it is structured, and you met the catechists and each other. Program dates are as lower on this page, and have not changed from earlier publicity.

What you need to be doing now is:

  • Thinking about a Saints Name for you confirmation name. There is guidance here.
  • Check that you can get to the program sessions - let Maggie and Graham know if you can not for any reason.
  • If you were not baptised in the Cheltenham Parishes, and have not already done so, please email a copy of your baptism certificate to Maggie and Graham.
The next session is on February 9th, beginning with Mass at 09:30 and concluding after our session at 12:45.

To help you prepare for your Confirmation, you will be provided with a preparation course at St Gregory’s Cheltenham. The course leaders will go through the Confirmation celebration with you to help you understand its meaning and implications for your life. In this application, you are invited to express your willingness to participate fully in this preparation course in our parish. The course is open to all young people at or above year 9 and still in school. If you are older, and wish to be confirmed in the church, you may find that the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults would suit you - please contact the Parish Office for details, or speak with any member of the clergy.

You will decide if you wish to go ahead and be confirmed towards the end of the preparation course: it is a decision that you take for yourself as a maturing Christian.

You will find a link below which leads you to an on line application form. If there are any difficulties for you accessing and completing this form please contact the Parish office which can send you a paper version which you would then return to the office. This form needs to be completed by November 29th 2019 but the sooner you fill it in the easier it is for the team to be organised to welcome you to the start of the course in January!

I look forward to your Confirmation, to welcoming you into the fullness of faith within the Church and I pray that God will bless you and your family.

Fr David Mills

Parish Priest

What is Confirmation?

The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the baptised and obliges them more firmly to be witnesses of Christ by word and deed and to spread and defend the faith. It imprints a character, enriches the baptised by the gift of the Holy Spirit to continue on the path of Christian initiation, and binds them more perfectly to the Church.” Code of Canon Law, Can. 1285

God has blessed you in your desire to be confirmed in the Catholic Church. Through baptism you received God’s blessing and became a member of Christ’s Body, the Church. At baptism your parents made promises and a commitment to bring you up in the love and knowledge of God. They undertook to educate you in the Catholic faith and to bring you with them to Church in your formative years. Now that you are old enough to respond more fully to all the graces and blessings God has given you, you are invited to enrol in our Confirmation preparation course.

Planned Dates

The following dates are those planned for the program: at this stage they are subject to change (although we will strive to minimise changes!).

All Workshops 1 -7, Upstairs in the Old Priory: 10.45 – 12.30, arriving at 10.40 please

Information Meeting For Candidates & Parents/Guardians                  Sunday 19th January

Workshop 1  :  Sunday 9th February

Workshop 2  :  Sunday 8th March

Workshop 3  :  Sunday 26th April

Workshop 4  :  Sunday 17th May

Workshop 5  :  Sunday 7th June

Workshop 6  :  Sunday 21st June

Workshop 7  :  Sunday 13th September

There will be  a rehearsal for the Confirmation on Wednesday evening, 30th September.

The date for the Confirmation itself is Saturday 3rd October 2020 at 11:00 AM